Something many people may never have thought could occur is already happening

Having a target of enriching its adult entertainment, CamSoda has a brand new product, OhRoma that uses scents to further enhance the users experience.

Back in August Ubisoft assembled a product together with the aim of marketing South Park: The Fractured but Whole that simulated the odor of flatulence. The product was called Nosulus Rift and was never designed to be sold to the public. But, the promotional product definitely worked.

So how does the OhRoma work? It holds two canisters attached to some device. The canisters hold three slots each where you are able to place aroma cartridges. This enables an individual to choose the scents they prefer and swap them out as they enjoy or depending on the individual encounter. So far CamSoda has crafted more than 30 scent canisters with some scents mimicking aphrodisiacs, agreeable environments and even body odor.

The unit has already been readily available for purchase at $70 and also the odor packs begin as low as $6 each. A combo pack can be readily available for purchase where you are able to buy the OhRoma mask which comes with a complete set of the 30 scents they’ve developed for a total of $99.

You’ll probably need to download the mobile program that functions together with the OhRoma mask and helps you easily pick which scent you would like to smell. The OhRoma even offers the capability to sync with Teledildonics, another product manufactured by CamSoda that found last year.

Add the OhRoma to your Teledildonics and like a complete virtual encounter where almost all of your senses is likely to be aroused.

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