Sex for disabled

Disability and sex.

For some years, the subject of the sex for disabled persons is finding more and more space on all media.

escort for disabled

In fact, politicians, doctors, sociologists, communication experts but also relatives and friends of people with disabilities, as well as associations of disabled persons, speak increasingly of this subject.

Among the topics of discussion, we find: the right to sex for people with disabilities; the professional figure called ‘sexual assistant for the disabled’; the mercenary sex for the disabled; opportunities for socialization for disabled students.

In short, for the first time we are witnessing an opening general on this issue and many media talk about these issues in a more and more free modality.

Sex for disability.

The sex theme for the disabled in fact, for so long has been a taboo subject because the disability was seen as a worthy subject only help but sex: no!

It was for years one thing that it could not connect to the disabled.

This was, not one of the issues related to disability.

Today, thanks to a series of initiatives that some countries have taken in favor of the disabled in terms of gender, the topic is very timely.

In addition, many parents of disabled people, for years on the front lines against the marginalization of disabled people and to ensure their children the right to sex, are pushing for the various countries for the birth of professionals such as: sexual assistant for the disabled .

Escort for the disabled.

The sex market seems far ahead of everyone and even today, we meet lots of escorts and gigolos who have among their clients of the disabled.

Some gigolos and escorts are promoting their business on the Web clearly indicating that are also specialized for people with disabilities and also they do not apply additional fees for their services.

In fact, even erotic massage, parlors and brothels, in recent years have seen an increase in the number of disabled customers, who, they no longer wished to be marginalized in terms of sex.

In the coming years, people with disabilities will represent a growing segment for the escorts and gigolos and the same professionals, they will try to intercept this new demand.

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