Escort Girls and the Movie Industry

The industry of entertainment is presented to us as a dream-come-true glittering pasture of successful, attractive and convinced people who grazing the shiny fruits of their acting work. However, such excessively positive PR that is always part of show business must have its natural counterpart. Although not all the stories behind the curtains are dark, the movie industry is not what its marketing gurus are trying to convince us it is. Actually, it is more often than not based on a barter system, where participants provide different services for the big shots of the industry.

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Once escorts themselves, now celebrities

People who work in the movie industry do not lead ordinary lives. They often change their locations, so they need other people to spend time with them, talk to them and give them sympathy and comfort. So, it is no wonder that some of the A-list actors and actresses used to work as escorts at their beginnings. For instance, Al Pacino claims that when he was 20, he went to live to Sicily, disillusioned because of his initial acting failures. In order to survive in the Italian South, he was an escort to an elderly woman. As we can see, he did a good job, since he survived.

Movie festivals – escort paradise(s)

When reported in cultural TV-programs, movie festivals like Venice and Cannes are always presented as crème-de-la-crème events. While the red carpet and glittering jewellery do emit such energy, the plot that happens on the yachts at the Bay of Cannes and around Venice is much different. Since hundreds of world jet-setters attend such events, dozens of actresses and models go to their yacht parties. It is an open secret that such parties are not organized only to celebrate the festivals, but to provide entertainment and different pleasures for movie producers and other wealthy people. The yachts anchored at the Bay of Cannes are especially (in)famous for such wild parties. Find out more about them in this piece, brought by The Hollywood Reporter.

Escort girls are not prostitutes

Escort girls and prostitutes are not synonyms. Prostitutes offer mainly sexual services. Their clients usually hire them for the sole purpose of physical pleasure. Also, selling your body and/or paying for sexual services is legal in some countries, but running a brothel, curb crawling and pimping is illegal pretty much everywhere.

Contrary to that, working as an escort means that your clients are well-off, usually sophisticated and successful business people who need smart, educated, intelligent and good-looking women to keep them company at social or business events. Actors and actresses are perfect for such roles. Of course, whether or not escort girls provide sexual services depends on their employer’s work policy. If you want to hire an escort girl, it is smart to always ask their employer about the prices and nature of different services, advise us escort pros from Red Door Agency.

In the movie world, which is a world of easy money, fast living and easily-ruined careers, working as escort is something that is usual and normal. Users of escort services only have to check how far they can go with their escorts and freely enjoy with their attractive escorts, especially if they come from the movie industry.

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